Visit of Tbilisi Mayor Mr. Kakha Kaladze in Galleria Tbilisi

by Lasha bezhanidze

Our company Baril Caucasia worked on the project which was visited by Tbilisi Mayor Mr. Kakha Kaladze today,  from April to end of November, At every stage of the project are used Baril's anti-corrosive systems (paints), According to international standards (ISO12944 С2-3).

Security measures are also protected by international standards, The sturdy columns and bridges are covered with fireprotection paints.


მაინტერესებს ფასები და სად შეიძლება შევიძინო, გთხოვთ ინფორმაცია მომაწოდოთ ელ. მისამრთზე:
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